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Comprehensive Case Management

Substance use disorders, addiction, and mental illness are some of the most common yet destructive healthcare crises in our society today. Treatment solutions and results are poor due to families and clients not being provided proper treatment, education, and guidance.  Unfortunately, our country’s healthcare system and legal system is not set up to provide sufficient assistance to suffering individuals and families.  Whether it’s the hospital emergency room sending patients on the street with little or no solutions and support or the judicial system that “punishes rather than treat” a healthcare issue, suffering individuals and loved ones are left feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and alone.  All too frequently people suffering from such conditions are left deciding “what to do” under the direction of a friend, an untrained professional, an inexperienced medical authority, or on their own.  What other serious healthcare issue would this method of treating such a crisis be considered appropriate?

Through Comprehensive Case Management, Blanchard & Associates provides highly specialized and experienced support and guidance through such a difficult time.

Substance Use Disorders (SUDs), addictions, and other behavioral health issues can create turmoil, crisis, as well as physical, mental and emotional hurdles that make it difficult for individuals and families to know what to do.  Much like anyone experiencing a serious healthcare condition, suffering individuals endure an arduous atmosphere influenced by urgency, crisis-mode, and emotional intensity or confusion – altogether, not the best environment for individuals and families to be making treatment decisions on their own or without direction of a highly trained and experienced specialist.  In addition, many families have often experienced disappointments or repeated treatment attempts due to lack of guidance and support.  Unfortunately, our healthcare system and behavioral healthcare system are not set up to facilitate the type of progressive, evidence-based, and individualized treatment necessary to deliver long-term solutions, success, and support.

Blanchard & Associate’s Case Management provides a long-term, integrative process and that involves working with a trusted professional to ensure that your loved one is getting the best care possible. We work closely with individuals and their loved ones to provide comprehensive, end-to-end support for their healthcare and recovery needs.

Our case management services include (but are not limited to):

  • Treatment Screening

  • Treatment Planning

  • Treatment Referrals

  • Continuing Care Communication

  • Workshops

  • Serving as liaison with treatment programs

  • Providing expert, independent clinical guidance

  • Coaching and Advocacy

  • Guiding clients through each step of recovery

  • Planning for those next critical steps

Our case management involves a number things, all aimed at helping families through this process. From assessing whether or not your loved one needs help, to focusing on supporting your family during the treatment process and beyond, Blanchard & Associates is here to guide you every step of the way.

The goal is to do more than just help individuals with treatment oversight; we aim to be an advocate and guiding light that helps improve the individual’s and loved ones’ quality of life, address co-occurring needs, such as mental health concerns or mood disorders, and ultimately help navigate the complexities of recovery to help people move past their addiction.

Our team of trained professionals has worked with treatment programs across the United States and specializes in SUDs, addiction, trauma, and other mental health issues. Regardless of where we meet you on your journey, our focus is on helping families sort through and answer the many questions that come with building a new way of life and a successful recovery program.

Planning for the critical steps needed for an effective treatment plan and recovery can be difficult. We offer professional clinical guidance, treatment planning, and companionship services to walk with you throughout.

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